Where Should You Get Your Pet’s Medications?

Your pet’s good health is our goal at Meridian Park Veterinary Hospital, and our doctors will prescribe, administer and monitor the proper medications to achieve that goal.

Consider These Issues Before Ordering Pet Meds from an Online or Mail Order Source:


Your veterinarian knows your pet best. He or she is familiar with your pet’s specific health issues and is therefore best qualified to administer the appropriate medication.


Just as with humans, there is no one dose that is right for every pet. It is important to give your pet the correct dosage of any medication, and your veterinarian can determine what the dosage should be. Also, your pet’s dosage may need to be adjusted during treatment.


Medications should not be given to your pet until it is determined to be safe-–and necessary. For example, dogs with an active heartworm infection should not be given preventative heartworm medication as it can lead to a fatal reaction. Screening for the infection prior to starting the medication is a necessity.

Cats and Dogs Are Different

And so are there medications. Medications specifically designed for cats or dogs are not interchangeable. For instance, canine flea medications can be fatal if given to cats, and vice versa.

Care of Medications

To preserve their effectiveness, certain medications must be kept in a controlled environment. You can be assured the medications obtained from your veterinarian have been stored properly and have not been affected by the shipping process.


Certain medications require monitoring and follow-up care, dosage adjustments, or continued lab tests or examinations. For that reason, and due to the unfortunate possibility of an adverse reaction, it is important to have a client-patient relationship established with your veterinarian, so that appropriate and timely care can be given.

Ordering Safely from Online Pharmacies

After taking the above issues into account, if you decide to order from an online pharmacy, you may wish to check that it is accredited by the National Association Boards of Pharmacy’s Vet-VIPPS program. These pharmacies have met the criteria set by the NABP.

The Oregon Board of Pharmacy suggests this course of action as well, and states that “the website should have a VIPPS (verified internet provider practice site) symbol on it which means that the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy has inspected them and determined that they are a legitimate internet pharmacy provider.”

Additionally, out of state pharmacies must be licensed in Oregon if they fill prescriptions for Oregon patients. You can verify that a pharmacy holds a license to dispense in Oregon through the Oregon Board of Pharmacy.

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